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Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy

Ocean energy can be either driven by tides or capturing the motion of waves.

Wave Energy

Waves are driven primarily by the winds. Capturing this energy is not easy but technology is becoming more readily available and some wave technology includes.

    • channel systems that funnel the waves into reservoirs
    • float systems that drive hydraulic pumps
    • oscillating water column systems that use waves to compress air within a container The mechanical energy created from these systems either directly activates a generator or transfers to a working fluid, water or air, which then drives a turbine or generator.

Tidal Energy

Tides are driven primarily by the gravitational pull of the moon. Tidal Energy works by harnessing ocean tides, especially in narrow river mouths or sea straits, technology used here to produce energy is through forcing water into turbines which in turn activates a generator and generates electricity.

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